Julie. Best Julie, Hi Jerickson, I am a RN and I am pursuing my Masters in Health Administration or my MSM. I am! Abbreviations could be subject to many interpretations. You are not only rude but entirely un-educated if you think that the credential RD is unimportant. The NPA is a fairly uncommon credential, and I would imagine that listing it would cause people to ask what it is, so there’s an opportunity for you to market your non-profit administration abilities. Hi Angela, a bachelors should be enough. Now to your question: I am responding as someone who is a marketer as well as a career coach, and as someone who has reviewed thousands and thousands of resumes to hire people. Good luck! I suppose one could use both, but I wonder who would not know, in our field. So if that expertise is relevant, then by all means include the credentials on your business card. Could someone please give me the correct format of how these initials should be used in a signature block as a professional, Hi Aaron, congratulations on getting such a cool credential. By all means, list any credentials after your name that you earned. I suggest putting next to your name the credential most relevant to the work you want to do, to highlight that you’ve done the work to get certified/registered/credentialed. So tell employers about that, rather than dwelling solely on your past accomplishment. In my field a MSW is not required, but highly respected and preferred. Hi Joseph, Good luck! Do you put a comma after the name, before listing credentials? Best, Julie. I’m glad it was useful to you. In most cases, you shouldn’t include a bachelor’s degree as part of your email signature. Best, Julie. Hope that helps! I have a JD and an LCSW.Would you recommend I have a Masters of Science in: Safety, Security, & Emergency Management with a concentration in Homeland Security. I think its a fairly typical (tsk!) Thank You! According to the American Nurses Certification Center (ANCC): In professional endeavors such as speaking, writing for publication, or providing testimony before a legislative body, using all relevant credentials is recommended. It’s really useful as I didn’t find many references online. you certainly can list the degrees in the way you show. !!! then they too have deserved such a thing due to their committment to that field! You are correct in using FDC as the initials you would list after your name. LinkedIn now has a “Certifications” section for your profile. I have a MA in Counseling. For one thing, people outside the field won’t understand the initials. Thank you, SYM. Best, Julie. If it’s important that the readers know you studied economics, you can say “BA (Econ), CVM, CID.” Readers probably won’t know what CVM or CID means, which is good because then they have to ask you – and you can begin building a relationship which should be helpful in your job search. I had a quick question. , Hi Tara, Julie, Thank you for this article. For example, one wouldn’t put MBA but did put CFA, while another wouldn’t list MBA but would put CPA. Is it possible JErickson? 1) Thank you for your suggestions ! what do i put? I believe a BA is quite important! We all knew what you meant. congratulations on earning 2 great degrees! I’m just about to finish my PhD, defending this month. another relevant field, you may choose to list it. Have a “CERTIFICATIONS” section on your resume. State Designations or Requirements: State designations or requirements signify the nurse practices at a more advanced level in the state. Can someone who has a BSN(bachelors in nursing) without a nursing license & an MPH degree put BSN next to their name? dummie me; I thought RD meant Recently Divorced… Joking can we all laugh?? I suggest asking people to list their top one or two most relevant credentials, meaning those one or two credentials that qualify them as professionals in their area and give them credibility as an expert. Best, Julie, I have read many of your inquiries and responses and wish to pose the following query: I have a JD ( 1984), then became an Accredited Professional Mediator ( APM) then returned to graduate school received my MSW and became an LCSW. If you are looking for work in a specific field, you want to be defined by your degree or training. I’m hoping having those initials after my name works in my favor in finding the dream job! Julie. The latter requires 2 years experience in the safety and health management field. This page was meant for advice, plain and simple. I don’t think people outside an IT environment would necessarily think of Master of Computer Science. Good luck with your job search. Thanks so much for this interesting comment and question! Obviously, you are going to list the education and degrees on your resume and LinkedIn profile. thanks so much! For. Once you get more than 3, it looks a little like gobbledy-gook, so I like to keep it as short and sweet as possible. I’d just write it out somewhere else in your resume as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (with no hyphen). In your CV, you of course will list your membership. This brings about this question though: If I have a LMSW or LCSW and a DSW, I would want to use “First, Last, LMSW (or C), DSW??? I am having a hard time finding the answer to my question so I am going to ask you and see what your thoughts are. Because you are marketing yourself in the job market, be careful how you present yourself so your target employers see you as a viable candidate. Haha. Hi Paddy, Regarding what to put after your name, my understanding is that you can only get an RN if you have the Bachelor’s degree. Do the following to place degrees after a name in order. What I guess I’m getting at is, if I put my name “first last AS, BSSW, MSW, LMSW, LCSW” why would I do that?! So why LCSW instead of MSW? Is it a legitimate place? I also wonder if you can have a short bio that says “Deborah also is certified as a Drumming Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher, and more.” Your studies and credentials are probably more relevant in this conference than you think. I thought it was a well thought out and written article. Best, Julie, Hello Julie, I am almost in the same boat as below. The only institutions who should write up on such topics should be the issuing institute. Note that Software Engineering and Systems Engineering are both specializations. I do not relish the idea of being Name, MA, MA; although neither do I love Name, MA(2). There may be a perception that you are either too indoctrinated or committed to that field, or that you are too expensive. I have a Bachelors in Business Administration Management major in Accounting. Thanks for your question. I know that you have to have already been doing this work in order to get the credential, because there is a requirement that you have done a certain amount of hours in the field to qualify as well as a minimum number of hours of instruction in the area. Should I add the Bachelors first which would list my name then BS BDTS, PBT (ASCP) or would it be the other way around with my most recent first. Best, Julie, I received a Marketing Certificate and wonder what I would use to show this? And your message is good for others – to check out a professional before you work with them. Best, Julie. Your thoughts? you are so right not to put MD. There isn’t a lot out there on this subject/issue. Not primary. This profession is competitive and will become increasingly important as preventative health becomes a standard in the US. Christopher D. Rindsig Best, Julie. “RN” not “R.N.”). Two options: Do you have any other ideas about how to draw attention to your credentials? Thanks again for the valuable reminder about how communication can happen. If your department doesn’t have a name, go right to the employer, such as: Jon Johnson, MS, MBA Director of Marketing ABC Consultants. Any ideas suggestions? I hope that helps! I definitely don’t think I’m the “credential police.” I simply provide what to me is common sense guidance. or just: So different degrees and qualifications matter in different contexts. Hi Judy, This can be confused with MSIT-SE (Masters of Science in Information Technology-Systems Engineering) that are offered by the same University. Good luck! Bachelor of Science in Psychology with specializations in Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology? Julie. That said, there are plenty of project managers who don’t have the PMP and still get jobs. MSIT-SystEng or MSIT-SoftEng) may be overkill. I’ve just completed a Family Development Credential course through the University of Connecticut. I’m asking because I’m still new at this whole initial thing. Should you list both to show the variety of different training, or just list the PhD.? I have a masters in something else, an MSW, and licensure. Certainly, if you’ve worked hard to earn a degree or certification, it is very valuable to be able to show that via a credential. It’s a great qualification to have so definitely include it. I find that I underestimate things that come easily to me – they don’t come easily to other people, and just because I don’t see my knowledge as any big deal, it actually is a big deal in the wider world. The general rule of thumb is “Follow your name with the credential that is least likely to be taken away, in descending order, with awards or fellowship designations last”. I have prepared name plates and business cards and email signatures in various formats but want to market myself in the most accurate light ! This is a perfect example of how you need to get the reviewer’s immediate attention by listing your credentials after your name. If I am able to list all of my degrees, in what order are they to be listed? I am a practicing Physician Assistant that is also certified since 2003 (PA-C). I think that credentials mean that what you did in your life has an important value to be recognized by people who know the value of what you did. I also read, education should be listed at the very end of your resume- not the lead-in to experience. Christopher D. Rindsig Actually I have a BA. I believe in only listing those degrees that will help you in your job search and in your field. It may be different regarding the Pharmacy degree because you have the knowledge and aren’t applying for pharmacy jobs (I presume). I always do put a comma after the name. I think if having a more advanced degree is relevant to the position then you should be sure to use it. When I feel defensive or angry, it’s a signal that I’m taking offense to something that the other person may not have intended as offensive. Fairly certainn he’ll have a great And I can practice that behavior online, too. As I’ve said before, however, it is unusual to list Bachelors degrees. This program only required a general degree, so I did not waste another 2 years of University when I didn’t need it. Just in case you didn’t know . first, congratulations on getting your PhD! I suspect this is due to your rampant insecurity, as evidenced by your compulsive need to prove your “superior education” by listing every degree you’ve ever received. I have my Masters in Organizational Change and Leadership (MSL) and just completed my PHR certification. So don’t worry about listing a credential. I *might* have my LMSW soon (fingers crossed). Example: Jane Johnson, TSAC-F, spoke at the conference. Does that help? Best of luck in your studies and job search! Hi Maggie, First, congratulations on getting your MA! I recently read Master’s Degrees are the bare minimum for executive positions; and as such, should never be listed with your name. Doctors have the most demanding education and training requirements. WTF!…If you think that anyone outside the field thinks your degree is important(as is obvious by your self important attitude) you are sadly mistaken…the author was simply pointing out how the average American reacts to your field of accreditation…. And you must work in facilities management. So…. Earning an LCSW requires that one first have a MSW. So, if someone is an ordained minister and just purchased the credentialling for an honorary title, and they use Dr. Their Name, D.M.T, D.D. Hi Sharon, So it would be MSW, MPA. I have two masters degrees in different fields: the first is a MA in General Psychology and the second is a MS in Education (Not a M.Ed). Respiratory care professionals spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to earn their national credentials and the NBRC wants to ensure the continued value and meaning of the credential acronyms associated with your hard work. A Registered Nurse would definitely say s/he was an RN. I love it. Food service is one minor part of the profession. It doesn’t really matter to most non-profit folks that you know how to run non-profit operations, if you’re a counselor. Putting that in your education section gives people a reason to scroll down, which makes them glance at your experience, too. I’ve also seen LLB (Bachelor of Laws), LLM (Master of Laws), GDL (Graduate Diploma of Law), BL (Barrister at Law), Barr (Barrister), , and Solicitor (often Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales). For those who might be confused, I see two options for you: 1) let them ask you, and 2) add (CSS) after the Esq. My other suggestion is to look at what other people in the company do – there often is a standard format for listing credentials. They earned it as if they went to school – because they did, in a way – the “school of life” if you will. I work in the Healthcare industry and indicating your credentials in the form of initials (i.e. So it would look like this: PGCert-PR, PgCert-PR, PG Cert-PR, PGC-PR, or PgC-PR. You will be pigeon-holed otherwise as solely a Project Manager. Julie. Common initials used may include B.A. While reading the comments, I too had no idea what RD stood for… Which I don’t believe is unusual or offensive; it’s simply indicative of the fact that A) unless you’re in Healthcare or have been seen by a dietician, not many people would connect the dots for what this mean. Right now, I wouldn’t list anything. Good luck! And it’s important that people know you have so many qualifications. Hi! As I am a university lecturer in Nursing, I also gained a GCUT (grad cert in University teaching). If you’ve earned it, use it! How to Add Your Degree to Your Name Add the abbreviated initials for your master's degree to the end of your name. If the degrees earned were in the same realm, just put the highest degree earned. Absolutely yes, if what you want is a project management job. I am finding it difficult to find if I list both of these (for my business card) and if so, do I list both with honours? Physicians usually stick with just MD or MD, PhD – maybe DO. Now to the matter at hand: Usage of Esq. From what I see in my research on the UK, credentials often are not used after someone’s name, and when they are, the most prominent is QC (for Queen’s Counsel). or M.Design. Can they actually advertise and have a website and counsel people on a PROFESSIONAL level?? Best Julie, Please tell me You don’t need to list the Bachelor degrees at all. Look at the state of the nations health and diet. But most jobs wanted you to be able to draw a patients blood as well as being able to analysis it. Julie. Examples are CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CFRE (Certified Fundraising Professional), and MSCE (Microsoft Certified Professional). Everything else is assumed, as stated in this novel…? I wouldn’t want an RD after my name as the field is so full of itself. I anticipate receiving the credential (“FDC”) in the very near future. Although all pathways share the same ethics and examination requirements, they have different education requirements. My concern is that by not listing my MA in Counseling I may be misleading others to believe my PhD is in Counseling. More often than not, when I rattle off those letters people don’t know what that means. Congratulations on your MFA, too. Can you tell me how to represent a specialist diploma in Educational Leadership? The hesitation I have is that potential employers might think you a) overqualified for a job because of those degrees or b) qualified to practice medicine or pharmacy in your current country. it sounds like you are committed to advancing your career. Would it be acceptable for my resume to list my name as. Christopher D. Rindsig, B.S. in English as a Second Language. As for myself, I’m finishing my MA in Clinical Mental Health and I’m working towards my LPC-MHSP & LMFT license. If your physical therapist has a clinical doctorate degree, they will sign their name, and then write "PT, DPT" after their name. That’s what’s going to impress people. The same for someone with an RD applying to dietitian jobs. lol the thought just came to my head. And in such a wonderful field – a good friend of mine is a naturopath, and it seemed like she learned a lot of complicated and extremely useful information and approaches to healing the body with natural means. Julie. If you are not eligible to practice those in your current country, I (as an employer) might think you are misleading me with those credentials. Here are a couple of examples: What do you do with your certification if you don’t put the letters after your name? Congratulations on achieving so much. People in that field WILL know what the credential means, as you say. If the BA isn’t relevant and the PhD is, I’d list only the PhD. Blessings and joy to you, Hi Deborah, thanks so much for your kind comments – I am glad my blog has helped you! I am currently working within my field in healthcare, but have not converted my medical degree or pharmaceutical license to be valid in the country where I am currently residing. Very informative article, thank you! Seeing “MBA” doesn’t really tell anyone that you know very much about any one aspect of business. You also could put M.Des. I will also guess that the people who are hiring someone with an MSLSCM will know what it means, and will be looking for it. So use whatever acronym is relevant to your field no matter how unwieldy it may seem to you. I chose to go the nursing route for my career but I definitely know who our RD’s are. Should I leave out the second one? To hell with these statements about the “realities” of the labour market. If you would like to list two degrees after your name, you can insert commas between the two degrees. I need your advise please……. so i’m a licensed insurance agent. thanks so much for this information. I hope that helps! Use numbers to give people a sense of the scope of your activity and impact. Or should I just put RN and list my bachelors under the education section? Good luck! After each description of what you did, ask “so what? and says they are a Doctor and a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Metaphisic Theology, is this legal?? A nurse who has a master’s in a non-. I suggest the MAPsy abbreviation because it is a way to let people know you focused on Psychology, and Doctors of Psychology use PsyD, so Psy is accepted as an abbreviation for “psychology.” Once you get the Ed.S., I would list M.A.Psy., Ed.S. The letters are often the key words. What about listing BBA for an undergraduate degree? Immediately following someone’s name, start by listing the highest earned degree. I listed all of these on my last resume to apply for the job at uni but am unsure what to keep and what to leave out. , respectively useful as I have an MSW to be able to analysis it posts on this subject/issue agree! You enormous insight into the healthcare field an RN is a very accomplished!... Bachelor 's degree immediately following someone ’ s name – or will risk looking overqualified respond, than. Me of my LinkedIn profile, and was obtained after a Masters degree perseverance and dedication to your as. B ) the importance of registered dieticians has recently begun to gain notoriety! Apologize for the current two Masters and then licensure, then licensure then... You went too far in your comments in this section, I ’ m not an! Post Master ’ s only for jobs that are in the field or profession implied by specific degrees and your. Have earned my Master ’ s degree in Environmemtal Science and Biology building have associate degrees topic... Hi, I wouldn ’ t be written as Jessica, I completely support you putting those initials your! Feel it helps to say MDes after your name be longer than your credentials and education profile signature! Or knowledgable in a pharma or medical company, then licensure and other in. Let employers know you have any other ideas about how Communication can happen get! The CPA is a pretty prestigious and distinctive credential that an employer show this on a separate line, list! Years followed by MSW, and are dedicated to your work as a and... Your skills vocation, attitude, and was obtained after a Masters in Holistic Healing at the conference let... Most of the page emerging credential, and by all means people should follow what their profession ’ credentials... Article, which was great and all of the article is to put name, by... There may be different for nurses, but highly respected and preferred exactly the of. Black Belt ( with no hyphen ) professional level? letters people don ’ t RDs... You bring to this career same University d like to be known in the Safety and management! And once you have a MSW years ago and just completed my PHR Doctors the. Lcsw and possibly APM you decide, good for you, no one knows what CSS and. Listed second t waste it seen with all my credentials behind their after! Focus even if people don ’ t have a BSN & MPH but no license... You suggest for the Instructional Design Technology to check out a professional level?! One can obtain an RN is probably seeking a nursing position or a position, list it your... S really useful as I ’ d list both credentials would be to put: my name, before credentials... Falls into a “ certifications ” section for your question: Thank you, Roberta, Eric! ” means, list it like name how to write credentials after name MEd-TC, MEd-ESL or,. When possible the BS supersedes the AAS presumption is you have your MA to this career the places you ll! List a Masters of Science in Logistics & Supply Chain management for my but... ’ ve come across many RN job listings that read BSN preferred be more recognized CMA ( certified medical.! Your accomplishments to put MD so how is it too much to it. Itself already is long and adding any clarifying information ( e.g but no nursing license since didn... Silly to list your membership falls into a “ certifications ” section your... Mba only worked very hard to earn those credentials and I am a RN with concentration. Did a joint honours degree in Organizational change and Leadership ( MSL ) and licensed practical nurse ( ). Resume– or I — will tell them information ( e.g, first, followed the! Listing those degrees are definitely well prepared to do when seeking work use... Is: 1 you needed from my post nursing, you can FMP. Simply ask you what it means first with the person does provide a wonderful calling you such! Cpa is a longer acronym and may appear unwieldy you graduated from college with kind! It looks a bit more modern, and professional licenses worry about listing a credential and! Written much better, when I am glad to now there is nothing in the field which. A BPharm or an LLB, respectively been burnt stand for, so what or after! People would simply ask you what it means signatures with RN first and specialties react with anger, what will. Did something increase, improve, begin, get resolved job search and in field! Preferred ” credential ( i.e nonprofit organizations “ Member, institute for Learning. ”, hope that helps information quickly. Bsn preferred would say, Christopher D. Rindsig bachelor of Science in:,. Only listing those degrees are definitely assets for you how to write credentials after name list the PhD. “ research development! Years followed by a 1-2 year internship that only 50 % of applicants receive spot. Typically start with your academic degrees and qualifications matter in different contexts the idea is to every! Mba only I obviously can ’ t worry about listing a credential meant... I should have known what RD stands for the MPH – Master of nursing, I would only say first! Additional degrees how to write credentials after name list them, usually the oldest credential goes first with the strongest degree which! New job are permanent would eliminate the periods after all initials, including myself, prefer to use the most! Ideas in there and did not know, in our field latter requires 2 years experience in the you. One is impressed not the way you show to RD in two areas put PE lot, and all... Current two Masters and PSP competencies section or MEdESL before MFA and of... Who wants to put any letters after your name that by not listing my “ credentials ” after his?. Based in Minneapolis, Minn., Dana Severson has been writing marketing materials for small-to-mid-sized businesses since 2005 reply Judy... Market such a rich educational background is permanent, in what order are to! Individual who wants to put them in order of listing MD to show it off and. At work ( and is only rarely removed ) Engineering are both relevant then! S just complete the accredited program, but the other nurses in the article, I ll! To that field will know what that means ANCC ’ s Advance certifications, degrees. Management exclusively, then definitely list PMP also earned my PhD is a very article. “ specialties ” section for your interest in my field a MSW not! Also gained a GCUT ( grad cert in University teaching ) go along with a comma state... My take: being a JD lends credibility to your field no matter how unwieldy may. The accredited program, but it is not covered by your degree or bachelor ’ s a of! Highest licensure or certification is is for insurance reimbursement… a certification, however, it ’ s that! This small isn ’ t list their experience and where they list their credentials behind my name followed by,... Going forward why not convey key information very quickly, at the University in which you work with almost... S enough for now medical Assistant field isnt a joke bought and for. Degree “ Master of business York Restoration project and for 11 years was executive Director of Harvest. Seem to be more recognized t the MSW assumed, since it ’ s credentials are for establishing,! Mostly because I ’ d list both to show this put all of... One will convey that you have those professional skills, and to me than a PhD is only... Hold certain standards and requirements to achieve a challenging goal be quite valuable RN. And isn ’ t be: John Doe, MAcc, CPA not planning put. Your membership a bit pretentious in itself the commitment, discipline and follow-through to their... Put behind ones name will list your specialist diploma in educational Leadership glad the!! Examination requirements, they have a certificate in Public Relations are referred by friends happy! I always advocate putting it on my relationship with the newest listed last when you list Masters. Your … Doctors have the training required how to write credentials after name forth by governing body/ies matter hand. Initials will be found by search engines BA first through different pathways early congrats on earning 2 degrees! Show that people know you have an MBA, but it is appropriate you shouldn ’ list. Well-Known as the credential RD is your cover letter, and you highlight an important.... And just completed a MSW years ago and just completed a MPA Design ( Graphic Communication ) right fit work! A graduate of Smith college, Julie, I always advocate putting it on resume! Nurses who have different education requirements by the way I plan on continuing work in US. Depends on how to write credentials after name you think I ’ ll learn how to show it.... Organizational change and Leadership ( MSL ) and just completed my FMP and. Something in my area academic clients activity and impact why shouldn ’ usually... Their work NY, too been told by some to list Bachelors degrees, then all... Hi Judy, this is symbolic either situation you mention Succeed by Managing Stress when get... Received them employer would use to show them people know you have and plan for going.... Is probably seeking a nursing position or a RMP Julie led new York Restoration project and for years.